The Dining Gone
Digital Experience

Streamline your service offering by going contactless. Discover the in-house technology you need to put your business back in your hands.
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How Contactless Dine-in Works

Contactless Menu

Your guests simply scan the QR code placed on each table to navigate the menu from their mobile phone.

Contactless Order

Your guests will order directly
from your digital menu, without
downloading an app.

Contactless Payment

Your guests can review their bill and make a secure payment from their mobile phone and be on their way.

The digital experience your guests will love

Build direct relationships with your customers

Advanced reporting provides a database of your clientele and valuable performance metrics. Now you can connect with your customers, request feedback, communicate special offers, promotions, and other marketing materials directly to them.

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Turn tables faster

No wait time for the cheque, no delays in getting an order. Your customers get immediate access to your menu and our intuitive platform makes it easy to checkout and pay.

Reduce employee dependency

With guests taking care of ordering and payments from their mobile device, front-of-house staff can be reduced and their responsibilities can become more streamlined for operational excellence. 

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Promote upselling

Make sides and add-on items easily accessible to customers through your digital menu. Sell more, earn more, achieve more.

Reach the next generation of consumers with contactless ordering and payments. It’s fast, free and very easy!

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